Silks and Pole Aerial Fitness Now Open!

Silks and Pole Aerial Fitness celebrated its grand opening last week at Red Bridge Shopping Center! 

One of Kansas City’s few aerial fitness studios, Silks & Pole offers classes and workshops in various aerial and dance mediums including aerial silks, pole, aerial hoops called Lyra, chair dance, aerial yoga, aerial Pilates, Caribbean dance and more. Private events and workshops are also offered and can be customized to fit any event.


Silks & Pole owner, Amina Ricca, began learning the art of pole nearly twenty years ago and added silks about five years later. She immediately fell in love with the art. “There is a certain euphoria that you can only get from being upside down,” says Ricca. “The weight falls off your shoulders, your blood circulation flows releasing pressure from your joints.”

The studio’s signature class, also named “Silks & Pole,” is an innovative design combining the two aerial art forms. An aerial silk is attached to the top of a traditional spin pole, allowing participants to flow around the pole with ease and grace, with the help and support of the aerial silk. This class, as well as the others offered at Silks & Pole, will build your strength, increase your flexibility and reduce your stress levels. 

In addition to offering a myriad of fitness classes, the studio also offers a raw juice bar called Mariposa.  Specializing in raw greens, root, citrus, and fruit juices, both Mariposa and Silks & Pole are committed to transforming clients’ bodies from the inside out.

Silks and Pole is located on the south side of the shopping center, next to Curves Fitness. 

For more information and to sign up, visit