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Red Bridge Leasing and Tenant Update

As the dust begins to settle at Red Bridge and construction crews finish up the Euston’s Hardware space, potential tenants are able to finally see the Red Bridge improvements in person – not just conceptual drawings – and be certain that we are intent on delivering a quality product. Just as important, the existing tenants...


Construction Update: October

We hope you have had a chance to check out the renovation progress and do some shopping at Red Bridge Shopping Center recently! Construction is beginning to calm down a bit and the dust is settling. However, there so much more to be done!  We greatly appreciate your continued patience during the reconstruction process. Dodging...


A Sneak Peek….

If you haven’t stopped by Red Bridge Shopping Center lately, here’s a quick look at some of the renovation progress…


Construction Update: The New Red Bridge is Taking Shape!

The summer and fall of 2016 will go down as a transformative time in history for the now 56 year-old Red Bridge Shopping Center. We are just under halfway through our renovations, and there is a lot of activity at the center. Below is an update on where we are, and what’s left to come....

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