Parade of Hearts Comes to Red Bridge

Parade of Hearts Comes to Red Bridge

Kansas City, Mo. – This spring, over 150 giant heart sculptures are being placed throughout various locations across the Kansas City metro. The public art experience, The Parade of Hearts, is a symbolic campaign aimed to provide unification within the Kansas City community. Each 5-foot by 5-foot heart installation aims to benefit local business, artists, and groups facing hardships from the pandemic.

This year, Red Bridge Shopping Center is honored to partake in this unique experience with the installation of our own heart, showcased in front of Tanner’s on the southeast side of the center. With 123 local artists chosen, each heart has its own inspirational, thought provoking story.

The heart sculptures will be on display for the public to admire until May. The hearts will then be auctioned off to the highest bidders, and all funds raised will remain within the Kansas City region.

According to The Parade of Hearts, an app will be unveiled soon revealing all heart locations along with artist information, treasure hunts, and ways create your own Kansas City heart. In an effort to continue the support, The Parade of Hearts has partnered with some of Kansas City’s biggest merchandise companies; a portion of every purchase will benefit those affected by the hardships of the last two years.

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